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Welcome to the Ultr@Pack Homepage


UP 3.1 coming soon :)


Ultr@Pack is a Free modification package for IL-2 Sturmovik 1946.

It's primary focus, is the online dogfight community and to this end, provide the Stability, Security and Adaptability that is required to ensure a smooth and secure On-Line game.

As such, the UP package is developed more for the online Dogfight server - client environmentthan the old co-operational environment, between player-host and player clients.


Of course UltraPack's shining star, is ZUTI's pioneering MovingDogfightServer(MDS) that merges single player missions, online co-op & online Dogfight missions.

Online, MDS provides more Stability, Security and Playability than the old co-op missions.

Moreover, MDS does much more besides combining single player, co-op and dogfight missions.


With MDS we have real time moving front lines, moving ships, tanks, vehicles, infantry and base capture !

Plus home base resources, such as fuel, ammunition and repair workshops, that provide the ability to refuel, rearm and repair.

Which means if you manage to land, rearm, refuel and if necessary repair your aircraft(as opposed to reflying), any enemy aircraft that you've given a good snotting and don't survive after you land, will be added to your score.


Last but not least, the new executables for dogfight server's(made by Storebror:), extend thememory utilization of dogfight servers. So now we can have up to 80 online players simultaneously ina dogfight server, with hundreds of moving ground forces and AI aircraft !


The current version of UP is the 3.0 Release Candidate(Beta) 4. We are currently working on a stable version and are recruiting more staff to speed up the process.

UP Project Wants You to Participate!

Greetings to the IL2 community  :)

As most of you probably know, Ultrapack has been around for well over 4 years & we feel that it's time to breath some fresh air into a project. That has matured up to the stage where it has evolved to be the most widespread Modded version of IL2. Possessing unique features like the Moving Dogfight-Server by Zuti. The smooth integration of SAS Projects,  by the SAS guys, such as The Jet Era, the new memory compatible with the stock game's format. The SFS archives, thanks to Lutz, with whom I had an amazing decoding-deciphering-analysing and head banging trip, that lasted for several months :).

Obviously with all these unique features, Ultrapacks version cannot be considered just "another modded version" of the game we all love.

MDS brings a whole new dimension to IL2, with...
1) Rearm, refuel & repair. Not only can you rearm, refuel, repair & refly, if you make it back to base & manage to refuel, rearm & repair, your score will be added to, when an enemy aircraft you damaged does not make it back to base.
2) The Resource management feature, which makes it possible to have ammo, fuel & repair facility's, supplied by land, sea & air.
3)Alternative air base's, which can be placed almost anywhere, including sea bases.
4)Base capture by armour, ships & air(paratroopers).

QUALITY : We will fix existing issues, before we add any more content. Existing issues have been a very hard lesson for us, regarding the importance of Quality over Quantity.

Stability : Online stability and performance have always been important to Ultrapack. To this end, our goal is that Ultrapack will be rock stable, even after hours of online play.

Playability : Ultrapack has always prioritised smooth online game play. That's why we will always try to balance performance with visual effects.
Security : Online game play also requires security and to this end, we have not only maintained the stock game security checks, but have also implemented our own.

All of the above are not entirely new and are all part of our strategy since we started the Ultrapack project.
Now it's time to move Ultrapack outside of the square :)

After our stable release we will start implementing our new project. A project that will give IL2 many more years of pleasure to us all. Our vision includes the following...

  • A dogfight environment running 24/7 with no, or very limited human intervention.
  • A dogfight server environment that will include : AI aircraft, Dynamic AI triggers, Dynamic weather, New AI Visibility through clouds, moving front lines, AI scouts(reconnaissance), ships radar, moving ground forces, resource management & an updated flight engine.
  • The dogfight server will accept input from a web page(Apache & php) that will handle a players registration process and data. The data will be in text(ASCII) files(flat) or in a mySQL database. The player will receive a personalized profile and categorized as Blue or Red. Then when the player enters a dogfight server, the player will automatically be assigned a specific briefing screen & not be able to see the enemy briefing screen, or join the enemy side. Besides the players username an IP identification will also be implemented.
  • The web page of the online war will refresh dynamically and display the front lines at specific time intervals. The same will be applied to new registrations.

IF you love IL2.
IF you share the same the same views and/or are interested in the above.
IF you are familiar with IL2 modding in any of the following categories : Java programming, flight models, editing .ini files and have the knowledge and skills to integrate add-ons based on the .ini files, maps, textures, cockpits, effects and sounds.
IF you have some time to invest in developing IL2, even if it's a small amount of time.

We would be very happy if you could join our team and help us to achieve our goals.
In our team we have specific fields of development and the work is shared amongst our members to maximise efficiency and decrease the work load.

You can reach us on the Ultr@Pack site by PM(Personal Message), our contact form or by email.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Sincerely, Panos (StG77_HaDeS)

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