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Hello, i'm just trying out the new UP2.0 update and it all works great, except this "little" thing. When i start up QMB and want to refuel/rearm, i put my chocks out, it refuels/rearms, but then i can't get my chocks in again (and worse, i can't get in the air again...). It never happened to me before.

Anybody have any idea how to fix this/ or maybe i'm doing something wrong?

Thanks a lot in advance.

Do not shoot your weapons while R/R/R might help, if you are doing that :D

But you have a special control to release them chocks. It's in the readme.

Zuti, i must admit... "maybe"  ;) i played somewhat with the trigger during rearming. I tried it again though and the force unjamming chocks did the trick in that case. In future, i will just take away my finger from the trigger during rearming...  :)

Besides this, once again thanks for your work on this wonderful mod. It made my flight experience much more intense. Even during QMB missions i use it, it's just much more realistic than just push ESC and fly again.



the force release chokes is a gold mine when setting up high altitude launch for gliders in dogfight from "homebases" set on carriers with force airstarts!

We need settable wind for different altitudes and thermals and we can trully soar :D


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