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Without a hitch!


USL Global's opening day for the Open Pit class was last week and Closed Pit opening day was Jan-27th.  I am proud to announce that the 2010 season is WELL underway using UP2.0M and ZUITI's MDS with no reports of any problems.

Bullets are flying and friendly blood is spilling all throughout the USLG airspace.  We are thankful for the hard work and diligence of those who made it possible for our 1200+ pilots to enjoy a more immersive competition.

Well Done!

You can see the current score of the Closed Pit competition HERE
You can also see the season leader board for both pit classes by clicking on the score tab at the top of the forum.

A warm Thank You also from my part to Everyone that helped ! :)

Of course its people like you Lazarus who take the risk of innovation and support the new developments and ideas.

A warm Thank You also to you Lazarus, and the rest of the USLG staff, and its members.




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