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*TUTORIAL* How to add a new map to UP 2.0

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Updated for map installation into UP 2.01

Palembang is now in UP 2.01,but I will leave this here for the example


This is a self extracting .exe map,create a folder on your desktop and name it Palembang and then browse the installer to install into it rather than let it install itself into your game.

Open your folder that is on desktop after extraction and you will see a Mods folder and inside there is a MapMods folder and longside it a QMBPlus folder.

Locate your IL-2 folder and inside it find Files/maps

this is where you place you map folder,
there is a _Tex there for custom textures if any come with the map

Open in notepad the Palembang_all_ini.txt
select and copy the text inside and then in your Files/maps folder open your all.ini and paste the text in an appropriate location with in the all.ini

You may add the text to your list where-ever you like,at the top or in alphabetical order or any other way you would like.Just be careful when editing your list though as it can cause problems if not done correctly.

That is it for installing maps

The QMBPlus folder inside has a missions folder,drop this Missions folder into your root IL-2 folder and allow to overwrite and it will place the QMB missions for the map into il-2/Missions/Quick

If you run the QMB Mod then follow instructions for entering the text for the map and missions according to the readme of your QMB Mod.


Hello Boomer! I'm trying to follow your instructions installing a far superior version to the default Hawaii map: I can see there would possibly be some conflicts about some of the static objects or particularly about the airfields plates, but I cannot check them out since I cannot even see tc_hawaain_islands listed in FMB, and trying to load the missions I designed on that same map in my custom SAS install has not succeeded as yet.
I followed your instructions copying the tc_hawaain_islands folder and all others as well into Files/maps/ and _Tex etc. and added the proper string into the all.ini contained there, placing it between Tarawa and Thailand in the ****P**** section... I failed! I believe it should at least shows up in the list, but I cannot see it there; any hint would be appreciated!

Hello :)
Sorry I didn't notice your post  :blind:

Check your all.ini ,it is the list of names in the FMB
Make sure you do not have an all.ini in your MODS folder running and getting loaded first before the Files/maps/all.ini
As that would load the MODS folder one first and that would be the one the game uses.

Make your MODS folder into -MODS to deactivate it if it is being used,then load your game to check if the Files/maps/all.ini now shows the entry you made to it

The all.ini can have entries made ,with out even the map being installed
it is simply just a list to show a list in a drop down menu in the FMB GUI ,
and is being pointed to the FMB "load map" drop down list.

Maybe do a search of your IL-2 folder for "all.ini" ,
to see if you have more than one all.ini

MODS folder loads,then the Files folder and then the SFS Files load
What loads first is the one the game uses when there are duplicate files.
Even in the MODS folder ete everything is loaded in Numerical and Alphabetical order,
again what is loaded first is the file that the game uses when duplicate mods or files are present

Hope that helps ,it is something very simple causing the name not too show
Let me know how you make out,hope this helps a bit  :)


Hi Boomer!
I've remade a quick check of my UP201 install: I have in there 9 all.ini files!
Well, 7 of them have nothing to do with the all.ini maps, since they are located in Missions\Campaign, Users or Training.
My -Mods folder is disabled.
I added the tc_hawaain-islands line between Tarawa and Thailand in both of them: Files\maps and Ultr@Pack\maps, but still I cannot see it listed in FMB. I'm puzzled!

Well you should really only have one all.ini
if you run a mods folder then maybe two all.ini's
only advanced users would run extra maps in there JSGME

I suggest using the UP 2.01 Updater and getting your game back to just UP 2.01
Then read the ReadMe for the map your going to try and instal very carefully.

Sorry,I don't know what else to suggest other than running the update and trying again


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