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Zuti moving dogfight missions are basically a combination of re flyable co-op/single & or dogfight missions.  :)
So the old UBI mission builder forum is a great source of info -  ;)

Don't be put of by this blokes nickname, his video tutorials are very good -  :D

Download Zuti's excellent & essential "MDS" manual here -,4451.0.html

Feel free to post tips, tutorials & links etc, but not questions.
As I would like this to be a source of information that's not cluttered up with questions, opinions etc & drifts away from the subject.
By all means PM me if you have a particular problem or question & I will do my best to provide an answer.
If you PM me with a question, I will not reveal your identity unless you want me to. ;)

Wow... we need more missions/maps in here.  any other resources known out there to have MDS ready maps I could download and pop into a dedicated server?

Yes mate, there are MDS ready missions you can download, but not here, this thread is for "Zuti MDS mission building tips & tutorials"  :)
The "MDS Missions board", is where you can download MDS missions on this site  :thumb:



3 demo missions in a folder you can download, which so far includes -

1) Floatplane airstarts(almost sea level) using Zuti's MDS.
2) Target icons.
3) Rocket ramps.

I'll update this folder, if & when someone wants me to.

Download here -


G'day Tony and zuti fans.

After much stuffing around and many conjuring words I have finally got my game updated to HSFX 4.0; but unfortunately my MDS missions involving carriers do not allow me to use carriers as home bases any more. I have activated the CTM 3.0 + zuti MDS mod, but this ain't doing it.  Am I missing something here? Any clues?

btw; I can't get HSFX 4.1 to work - game crash at 60%. I'm not in a hurry to fix this but I would like to get my carrier based MDS missions back.

Good to be back! See you soon



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