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Has any body got a difficulty file that includes the extra 4.10.1 features like G-Force limits?



--- Quote from: mugen on November 30, 2010, 07:47:00 PM ---Hi idefix44.
it is possible to use MDS_Monitor with DCG.
Do you have the latest MDS_Monitor version?

You need to have a script that starts il2dcg.exe and give MDS_Monitor the next mission to load in a file which is red by MDS_Monitor.
You can set the path to the script and mission txt file in the scripting tab of MDS_Monitor.

greez mugen

ps: i attached such a script as an example
      you'll need a perl runtime and some path changes to run it

perl script

--- End quote ---

Please I need the scipt to launch DCG, create new mission,close DCG

Help me

Is this project  still alive ? Fbdj start to be annoying, so i wants to try this monitor but how to set up website to display stats ? Anyone have example website with  stats from this monitor ?

Thankk you


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