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I sure am interested in testing the monitor.

I've decided to discontinue testing MDS1.2 at present because I've started building aircraft and time is short, however my squadron flies together twice a week and could test it then.
 On a side note, we had some trouble with FBDj a few weeks ago and had our server running solely with the MDS Monitor. The only problem we had was when all the aircraft on side were destroyed the mission didn't always role over.


Same here, I also would like to test MDS Monitor for our squadron root servers!


Ok, good to know. MDS itself hit a little snag with testing, leaking and such idiotic "problems" but MDS monitor should for the better part be OK with any version of MDS. Just kill sharing won't be working as it should be. But even that can be fixed for old MDS versions, so, I'll get you what you'll need.



I'll been trying this utility from two days but after some tests, monitor seems to no save data in the database.

Checking monitor screen, I've seen these message:" [30.08.2010 - 14:08:45] Eventlog file location does not point to file, logging from eventlog is disabled!"

Of course other parameters are working well, i chech connection database whith no problem.

How can I resolve these? In confs.ini in the dedicated game setup files or is a mds_monitor trouble?

Excuse-me for my bad english :blush2:

Hi dender,
do you have a line like this in your confs.ini?


It should be exactly like above.

I could reproduce youre error message by modifying the value of eventlog setting in confs.ini.
MDS Monitor seems to look for exactly this string "eventlog.lst". If it can't find it, it throws this error message you got.
(ie.  Eventlog file location does not point to file, logging from eventlog is disabled!)

File eventlog.lst has to exist in game root folder.
In Server Tab "Monitor eventlog" has to be checked

hope this helps 4 you

greez mugen


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