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Submitted By: StG77_HaDeS Date: April 30, 2012, 03:41:36 PM Views: 51957
Summary: Disclaimer about IL2 Sturmovk's Mods. Legal Information.

Disclaimer about IL2 Sturmovk's Mods. Legal Information.

Attention. Please Read Carefully.

The Mods DO Require the Original Game in order to be able to play. The Mods here are NOT a complete game! You must have the Original IL2 Sturmovik 1946 in order to play.
The MODS are created by IL2 gamers for Original IL2 Sturmovik and  are distributed FREELY. There are ABSOLUTELY NO COPYRIGHTS about them.
You can FREELY Share my Compilation of Mods called IL2 Ultr@Pack. Its a Collection of Free Mods so you can freely share it. Feel FREE to Use/Repost the Instructions and anything else here you find useful for your needs or your friends or even your Virtual Squad/Community.

If however you find a bug or anything else please DO post about your problem here and i'll do my best to solve it.
Our people doing their Best to Maintain a high level of Quality&Stability for a Smooth On-Line Gameplay.

Moreover don't forget to read our Mission Statement.

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