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Author Topic: * TUTORIAL * How to Use Auto-updater for UltraPack  (Read 18977 times)

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* TUTORIAL * How to Use Auto-updater for UltraPack
« on: May 01, 2010, 12:55:33 PM »
Auto-updater for UltraPack
How to run auto-updater ?
How it works ?
Why should I run auto-updater and what it can fix ?
What if I have broken 4.09m stock game files ?

How to (re)install or repair broken auto-updater executables ?
How to report a bug ?

Common errors and solutions

How to run auto-updater ?
Find and run shortcut for auto-updater on desktop. If you don't have shortcut on desktop go to <game folder>\UPUpdate and run UPUpdate.exe. Follow on-screen instructions.
If you can not find UPUpdate.exe maybe you will need to (re)install auto-updater

How it works ?
It uses advanced rsync algorithm that transfers only chunks of files that do not match and it doesn't download parts that already match. This makes speed process as fast as it can be and it saves bandwidth a lot.

Why should I run auto-updater and what it can fix?

  • it can update your installation and make sure that you have correct and latest UltraPack files.
  • it can repair broken UltraPack files that might cause you game errors or CRT=2 errors when playing online.
  • it can update even your vanilla 4.09m or any other UltraPack version of the game although we don't recommend this approach because it's better for you to have installation files on your PC in case of re-installation.
What if I have broken 4.09m stock game files ?
It wont repair game stock files to prevent people that have no legal version of game to get it from us without buying from legal channels. It can not help you if you don't gave good version of stock game. We had bug report about auto-updater that can not repair CRT=2 errors but actual problem was not in UltraPack installation but in stock game installation.

How to report a bug ? How to (re)install or repair broken auto-updater executables ?
  • Delete everything from "<game installation folder>\UPUpdate" folder.
  • Delete existing desktop shortcuts for auto-updater to prevent confusion 
  • Download and extract  Game auto-updater to "<game installation folder>\UPUpdate" (if UPUpdate folder doesn't exists, create one)   
  • Make new shortcut for auto-updater that points to UPUpdate.exe to make your life easier.
NOTE: For dedicated servers use this version: Dedicated server auto-updater

Common errors and solutions

rsync: read error: Socket operation on non-scoket (108)
This is problem in network stack interference. Apparently certain programs that insert themselves into the networking stack can cause this problem.  In one case it was NOD32's Internet Monitor (IMON) that was the culprit.  After adding the following to IMON's exceptions, everything worked perfectly.


update.bat is not a valid Win32 application
Most probable reason for this is that somehow  auto-updater  was not able to get one of the required files from server. Problem can be either client or server side issue. If you get this kind of error  try to reinstall audo-updater and if that doesn't help please report bug.

Permission denied error during updated process
Auto-updater has no permission to write in game folder. Most probable reason is that you are using Vista or Win7 and game is located in "Program files" folder. Solution is to move game out of "Program files". Since game doesn't use registry entries simple cut/paste of game folder will do the job, no need to reinstall game.


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