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Courage Alone - Playtesters wanted


I have been working on a rather big campaign for Ultrapack, now it's finished and if there is someone out there to have a look at it, and playtest it a bit, I would be very, very happy!  :thumb:

The campaign is called "Courage Alone". It is a semi-historical, 34-mission static campaign, for Italy. The theatres of war that it tries to depict are a bit beside the beaten track. (I like those...) It starts in June 1940, with the Italian entry in WW2, and Battle for France - using Zips Alpen map. It then continues with the Conquest of Somaliland, during the early autumn of 1940 (using Kapteenis East Africa map), then the brief Italian participation in Battle of Britain (using Cannons BETA Channel map). It ends with the War in the Balkans, the fighting in Albania, the invasion of Greece and the war against Yugoslavia, all ending in late April 1941, with Greece collapsing.

You are a Italian Fighter pilot, flying the Fiat CR.32 and CR.42 biplanes, eventually switching to the Fiat G.50 monoplane.

Besides Ultrapack you will need Ranwers Wellington Mk III.

If you are interested, just send me a message, and I'll see that yiu get the campaign (plus a pack of 34 skins)!

Thanks for your time. :)


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