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Resolving problems related to MDS


Hi guys.

A lot of you seem to have problems with things that should be and are working for others. It is impossible for me to help any of you (or other users) if you just vaguely describe your problem. If you want proper help, you have to do this:
- create test/sample SIMPLE mission using IL2 DEFAULT map with IL2 DEFAULT objects
- the mission must be as simple as possible
- test it

If it still does not work, then you can open new topic, post that simple sample mission and describe what is not working and which mods do you use.

This is essential. Too many times have I (and others) found out that the problem was in conflicting mods or just simple missed tick box. But it is impossible to debug large missions. They are too slow to load, take too much time to run and are hard to overview.

If you follow these guidelines, I am sure you will have your problems resolved much much sooner.

Thank you for understanding.


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