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The second time I lost my text... damn, briefly: for reasons of implementing shared kills on AI AC I needed to enhance AI AC logging. Radar did some work here for USL, AFAIK, so I just want to let you know what will be going on with MDS 1.2, if you will be using it once it's out.

Current Rarad report:

New report:

I need such for to link ac to it's wing because that one is then linked and verified against mission file.


I suspect we will be using it.

The modification that Radar did for us was to give additional information about AI aircraft being shot down and shooting down others.  This information provided the side that the AI belongs too.

I'm sure Radar can provide more details.

The issue was that I could not find a way to determine the side an AI plane belonged too.  If there is a way then please let me know.


What Radar did tells you AI side, also my "new" log line does that, so it should be fine. Just a bit more information and different format.

Different format is not an issue.  I can easily modify my code.  Thanks.

Didn't even have a doubt ;)


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