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As the title indicates, :)
Post your REQUESTS for MDS 1.2 Here. Not bugs, only Requests here!

wow let me be the first to request something, i have posted in other threads so don't flame me about multiple posting,

-- i know that we can already attack aircraft like the TB3 to i-16's but what about the gliders to the towing aircraft, like the c-47 to the g-11 or any American gliders if they make some, or the me321 transport glider to the me323 gigant, but also we could attack these aircraft together on the ground. i already know that we can attack aircraft together in the fmb but that's diffrent, I'm sure many people would like to be able to make missions that you don't have to start in the air with your glider already attached, i would like to make a mission where you have to fly from one base with no glider but then you have to land at another base to pick up a glider so that you can finish your mission, but that not possible at the moment. so this is my first, zuti request, not only for zuti 1.2 but for any zuti if possible. so there we go any replies?

 :lamp:Think he means Attach not Attack

sorry i was on an ipod touch and it auto spells for me and i dint realise i had done that

One reply: I won't be doing it. I have no interest in that so it won't be me that will make it happen.


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