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Author Topic: IL-2 Dedicated Server Setup  (Read 4755 times)

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IL-2 Dedicated Server Setup
« on: November 10, 2010, 08:14:06 PM »
Setup of an IL-2 dedicated server consists of downloading the dedicated server files, extracting them into a folder and configuring the server.  Details as follows (note the following is for setup on a Windows based PC).

1. Download the 4.09m dedicated server from the following links (this is a multi part archive)

2. Create a folder to extract the files into.  This should be a folder outside of the Program Files folder(s) for reducing conflicts with access restrictions on the PC.  For example create a folder called "IL2 Server" on the root of your C drive.

3. Extract the files from the previously downloaded multi part archive into the folder created in step 2.

4. Edit the confs.ini file to configure your server.  The primary items to modify are

  a. [NET] section

    i. localHost, set this to the IP address assigned to your system.
    ii. remoteHost, if your system is behind a NAT router then set this to the routers WAN (Internet) address.  Otherwise set it the same as localHost.

5. Verify that you can connect to the server from a 4.09m game client.

6. Download the same files used in the game setup for UP 2.01 and install them into the folder created in step 2.   See the following topic for links to the UP 2.01 game setup files

7. Download the UP 2.01 server patch and install into the folder created in step 2.  See the following topic (same topic referenced in step 6) for links to the UP 2.01 game setup files


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