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(put 'Oden' folder in IL2\Missions\Net\Dogfight)
Edit by II./JG53_walker included (kudos to him)

Support your groundtroops capturing all enemy bases.

AI flights will spawn each 20 minutes for 2 hours.

Each plane type is available in a 4-ship flight, use them wisely. Any static plane represent those available so losing them will reduce your 4-ship flight.

Reconnaissance planes:

* Mosquito B Mk.IV
* Gladiator MkII
* Avia B-534
* FW-198A-2
Fighterpilots may consider flying aircover over friendly ground units as there are only a handful of them out there.

Each side has an Air Search Radar at the far side base.
(It is worth the effort to take it out with a deep strike)

Axis assets at each airbase:

Allied assets at each airbase:

As with all my missions the betatesting has been very thin :)

Eagerly hoping for new MDS features.
(spawn vehicle columns from captured base?)
(capture home base with paratroops?)
(list can be made long being a long term OFP/ArmA CTI mission builder just found this gem called MDS)

Hope you will enjoy it

Briliant presentation!

Are there any Ais flying around also?

will try your mission tonight.


It seems that you comprehend fully and enjoy MDS!

The mission is exactly the way i set up my missions, in "Autonomous" mode where

the Ai spawn in logical time intervals that keep you on your toes.

Brilliant Work

i play your mission frequently on my own ... it is too exciting by its self.

I have a  suspicion that the German panzers don't push their front like the Matildas do.
Please check it out.

Other than that

Just Brilliant!!!

Make so more of this kind !

Oden, thnx for this great mission !!! Very good concept & design! As Gaga say's, keep it coming if you have the time... I know it's time consuming!...

I made some minor corrections, because I thought it deserved my time for this... (If it's ok with you...) :

1. Correct display of primary targets for each team at brief screen (before, blue side was displayed to attack all ground units & red team, to defend all ground units...)

2. New spawn point at one red base (previous point was intouch with stationary plane, causing player to blow up...)

3. Corrected markings for some red static planes, which displayed russian markings...

4. Static cameras added to all airbases.

The link for anyone interested is :

All credits go to Oden ! Thnx again.

Briliant ! :good:


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