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MDS v1.2, public beta 2.1 (Updated 5.2.2011)

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Hi guys. My friday update :)

Time for new MDS v1.2 public beta. It still has a lot of debug messages in the console, so this will be removed for the final. If you want, test it. Copy stuff from "Copy_To_STD" folder to your STD folder.

For IL2 410 ONLY!!! And delete old MDS. Just put this in your MODS folder.

Documentation - READ IT!
MDS v1.2 Manual

MDS v1.2 pb2.1
MDS v1.2 pb2.1 Files

Feedback welcome. But do read the manual first!


Fixed bomb drop problem. New version available and is not compatible with old one.

Thanks. Looking forward to test this.

Thank  you!!


just downloaded this will test this weekend


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