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Feel free to post your guides, hints and tips here  ;)

Hello. Thanks by this thread.

I start with one of my questions. Because i'm totally beginner on using FMB, creating CooP or DF missions I start with some concept questions.

- on DF and Zuti MDS misions is necesary 2 homebases (red & blue) ?
I want create missions were people will be on red team, figting against Blue team IA.

- A MDS mission can be created like a classic CooP mission?


Yes, you can have only Red Home Base if you wish.

Moving Dogfight missions differ from classic coop missions in that you must have at least one Home Base so players can join the mission. It is not possible to select any of the AI seats for joining.

Because of that difference, you must allow time for players to join, select aircraft, and taxi to runway for takeoff. It is never possible to know exactly what that time will be, and in my opinion, this can be a good thing, as it adds an element of unpredictability to the mission.

It's possible for players to be joining quite late in a mission also, so you really have to think a little differently from classic coop, where you are assured of everyone joining at the same time, right at the start.

Thaks a lot Bulau.  :D

Another recurrent question for noobs like me.
To use Zuti MDS on our IL2 client, it must to be mod enabled with f/e ModActivator_v5.2. We are all ok on this.

But, DF Dedicated Server must to be also mod enabled before install Zuti MDS? I suppose yes.
that can be do with JSGME_v2.2 (Generic mod enabler)? Or wich mod enabler?

I will try to do very specific questions each time, and only a few each week.
I think is the best for me and other members without experience on modding IL2 or using FMB (Full mission Builder). Learn step by step.
Be careful with me, cause I have a lot of questions..... :angel:

For FMB this site is imperative to be read :

To enable Mods on the DS, you should use the Ultr@Pack DS, version 1.6 and a patch to 1.7:,19.0.html

...but I think HADES is waiting for official 4.09 patch to come out before updating the download. Should be any day now!  ;)


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