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Need more players in Warbirds of Prey test server on - we have 5 full missions running that test a lot of the new MDS functions and new planes, and need more players to try them out.

PA-SEOW xx Zuti missions x 1H00 UP3.0_RC4  except on Monday and Thursday ==> SEOW campaigns HSFX5.01

 Hello and Thanks for this great work.   The RCAF_FB would like to Thank you for  helping to get the
Dedicated server up and running in HyperLobby and running  FBDJ 1.8B it is running all Jets and AI all is good on

RCAF_FB.com2 server

RCAF_FB_Bozo ~S~

The AUS_Nations@War server is up & running in Hyperlobby. All welcome. UP3.0 RC4

Missions feature:
* Pacific & European theatres
* Objective based missions (up to 1hr duration)
* Mobile objects
* Random AI skill level
* Randomised weather
* On-line real-time mission status & stats (FBDj)
* Historical mission recreations

Anyone have a list of "full Switch" servers out there?

I have been primarily flying BoB along with the Ghost Skies online campaign which just started this past Sunday.  Though GS is RC1 at this time.


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