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Here you can post your UP 3.0 RC MDS missions.

OH ya give me some missions . I will take all theaters. Would love some north Africa missions. I love the smell of gunpowder in the desert in the morning.  :tommy:


These are D day missions, based on real life events.

As online dogfight missions, they require teamwork to win, although they are still playable as single player ground attack missions.

The attacking army in both missions has the advantage, but I've tested both missions(as I do with all my missions) & one player can destroy the attacking armour long before they capture the defending army's base.

If you would like to balance the missions, I would suggest 1 or 2 defending army ground attack aircraft, spawning on the base about 10 minutes into the mission & then about every 6 to 7 minutes for the rest of the mission.   

Download here -

Have fun  :D


Hi again ADJ  :hi:

I think its better to discuss the mission here to keep the other topic clean  ;)
You have in juno1 a water base for blue, there you have a few bugs:

* 1/ If you make two bases so close together you have to take care about the radius of the base, in this case the "landbase" dropped the planes at the river  :haha:
* 2/ You set manually a base at the right side, this base is ignored by IL2 because you have no airfield near, as I realized that there you want to start the floating planes you have to make a little workaround:
a/place "runway nr6" (stationary ships) in that way that the red area is NOT at the river area
b/ assign a standalonebase to this airfield and set up the spawnpoints at the river (like you did)An Airbase will never work if if have no runway assigned  ;)
Runway nr6 is an invisible runway, only difference is that its not a stripe, it's a whole area marked red. If you don't do like I wrote you will notice that you floatplane is over the water and can't move, the plane behave like trying to start it from a hard runway  :laugh:
I changed this little bugs and now it works like you wanted it to do.


G'day mate

Damn ! Yes I made a mistake on the blue bases, after I changed a few things I forgot to reduce the Blue Home
Base & Stand Alone Home base circles in Juno(2a).  ::)
A minor quick fix, I've uploaded the corrected mission, thanks.  :D



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