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Missing textures, kicking back to desktop when hit Fly button[Solved RAM setting

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I updated to UP3.0 (I had 4.10.1) I managed to connect on Battle of Britain server which is running on UP3.0. Everything is fine, I can go in arming and select planes, weapon loadouts etc... BUT when I click fly it just kicks me out to desktop.

I tryed connecting through IP... I managed to connect. When I click "fly" it dont kicks me but there are some missing textures and cockpit look awfuly bad. Here take a look:

I tryed re-enabling mod, and expert mod putting more RAM - doesn't help.

Game works fine singleplayer on quick missions.

Please help...

p.s. sorry for posting on wrong section of forum


This is why its good to have back up of il2!

This is great work, and all I can say is thanks. This is serious amount of content and I believe you will continue to work on it - great work and thanks again.

Bug that I have seen is: Fw-190 D15 have 109 engine sound when viewed from outside (F2), and altitude gauge is messed (see km conter) - probably you guys will make FM for D15 later on...... and alot of people wish that smoke after setting throtle to 105 (and above) is a little bit less lenght, not like 100 meters but lenght of a plane. Like this it looks a little unrealistic. (not complainig just commenting)

And one more thing which is stabing my eye is: there is no anymore Croat staffel of JG 52 (15. staffel) or Croatian Air Force legion to pick on plane markings... This is what worries me! Can you reply on this one?

Thank you

Not solved...
Problem came back after trying to pick Crew (rear gunner, top gunner etc.), and now it looks like this, I can't fly anything, after click "fly" button it looks like this:

i had the same problem after picking a gunner position.

pls guys how can i solve it? i dont want to reinstall it twice...


turn your RAMsettings down.

little example: i have 2024 ram, in settings i turned the arrow down to 512... you must experiment, until it works fine.

dont ask me why it works.. but it does ;) 


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