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Piloting any of the gliders from the tow to altitude is still "ify" offline and impossible on. When playing from FMB, you can be towed without much control over the glider unless you hit autopilot for a few seconds and then turn it off. You can then get full pitch and yaw and if you bank hard, break the towline (the only way as it is to release). Multiplayer...forget it. No way to release OR have any real flight control during tow. Since autopilot isn't available in coop, online glider piloting with tow isn't an option. It's too bad because when you can get it to work in FMB, it's pretty intense stuff! I'd love to see this finally available in coop.

There have been other bugs I've noticed, most of which I've already seen mentioned in here but overall 3.0 is an incredible accomplishment and I congratulate all involved!!


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