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Artifacts on PTO Maps

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2001 Space Odessey has come to IL2. I getting these monoliths (artifacts) on pacific theater maps. I get these artifacts on following PTO maps....Guadacanal, Rabaul, Midway, Okinawa, New Guinea. I have not checked the other PTO maps. These artifacts do not appear on the European maps. These artifacts never appeared on UP2.01. I have not changed any settings.

Strange...flying through a monolith does not destroy the aircraft. It does bend the prop and of course the prop stops.

Is this a bug or do I need to change something in UP3.0

~S~ Lonestar
I notice this too on the Rabaul Map before, however I forgot about them. I have gone through the Far East Maps and found many maps with these artifacts on them. I have file a report on these things to the UP staff.

It looks like a rendering issue, did you try change your grafic card settings?

It's due to a porked AlteredBush9a.tga file in the maps-textures-trees folder. Navigate to that folder & rename AlteredBush9a.tga to -AlteredBush9a.tga

I just checked all these maps,and the trees are fine
You must have some missing or corrupted textures

Are you running perfect video settings or excellent video settings ?
Just wondering ,as it may help troubleshooting your install if I new you run perfect or excellent settings

I went so far as to even install a new fresh game patched to 4.101m
then I installed UP RC 3.0

All maps mentioned are fine in my game so I suggest re-installing



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