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Artifacts on PTO Maps

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Boomer & Salmo,

I will be out of town for the next 2 days, I'll check your recommendations out this weekend and let you know the results.

I've had some block trees pointed out on Canons summer 40-41
I actually have them on that map

I am going to have to look at these maps more closely
just letting you know I am still looking into it :)

Thanks Salmo,will give that a try

--- Quote from: _AUS_Salmo on June 01, 2011, 07:44:14 AM ---It's due to a porked AlteredBush9a.tga file in the maps-textures-trees folder. Navigate to that folder & rename AlteredBush9a.tga to -AlteredBush9a.tga

--- End quote ---

no didn't work for me
the files are in the SFS Files so they would not get overode by _minus out a .tga

I fixed the block trees on Canons summer 40-41 map though,
Just changed the string on one line in load.ini>
Tree0 = Trees\G-AlteredBush8a.tga > Changed it to just AlteredBush8a.tga
No more block trees

so should be able to fix more maps if needed

I just looked at Okinawa though,and it was fine with no block trees ?
Will check tonight the other maps mentioned in this thread

Clearly one or more of the X-alteredbush-X.tga files are corrupted. Probably the same one for all the affected maps.

Ok,I fixed the AlteredBush8a.tga
It lost it's alpha channel somehow somewhere along the line

All maps in the thread are fixed,and so should any others that used this these trees

Thanks for letting us know  :thumb:


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