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Author Topic: *TUTORIAL* How to Use JSGME to Enable or Disable Mods.  (Read 18174 times)

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*TUTORIAL* How to Use JSGME to Enable or Disable Mods.
« on: November 19, 2008, 03:09:32 PM »

In this small Tutorial we'll see how to use the JaneSoft Generic Mod Enabler
or simple "JSGME"

This little but extremely valuable tool helps you to change your various Mods WITHOUT the need for Multiple Installations or other time-consuming methods. The JSGME you can enable and/or Disable Multiple Mods with just one click. You can also enable Mods Over other Mods WITHOUT loosing the first enabled Mods. The JSGME will simply back-up the overwritten files and when you disable the latter Mods the first enabled Mods will function without problems.
Now lets' see how the JSGME works. I'll use screenshots from my IL2 UltraPack.

If you have just installed my IL2 Ultr@Pack by double-click on the JSGME shortcut on your Desktop you should see the following screen:

At the Left side of the window there are the available and ready for activation MODS. The Activated Mods show up in the right side of the window (currently we don't see anything at the right side of the panel because there are no activated Mods yet).
Now by using the > or < << buttons you can Activate or Deactivate the available MODS. Lets see an example of how it works: :)

Lets say that we want to activate the "-SmokeFireEffects" and then the "-Full_MOD" , the "-Engine Torque Test" and the "-6DOF_XY_Axis"

We must select the appropriate Mods we want to enable and then to activate them using the > Button of in the JSGME Menu:
Enabling the "-Full_MOD"

It is Highly Advisable that you Select One Mod at a time (for activation) and not All together.
Enabling the "-SmokefireEffects" Mod.

"-Full_MOD" and "-SmokeFireEffects" Mods Enabled:

The "-SmokeFireEffects" and then the "-Full_MOD" , the "-Engine Torque Test" and the "-6DOF_XY_Axis" Mods enabled:

By selecting the Activated Mods from the Right Panel and Using the < or the << Buttons you can Disable-Deactivate the Mods you want to.

Some times Files from one Mods can Overwrite Files from a second, third, etc.. Mod. When a File (or a List of Files), are about to be Overwritten by another Mod, the JSGME will Warn you with a similar Message:

Choose simply "Yes" and you will be fine! :)
DO NOT Worry about the files that will be overwritten by other files. JSGME ALWAYS BACK-UP the Overwritten files and Keep them in safety.
When you Disable/Deselect a Mod that has Overwritten Files of another Mod, the "Overwritten" files of the earlier Mod are back Intact!
So you will ALWAYS Choose "Yes" when a warning like this pops-up even if there are Hundreds of "Overwritten" Files. I've made the Mods in a way that they will work SMOOTHLY even if a MOD "Overwrites" files of another Mod. NO WORRIES! ;-)


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