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repair rearm refuel in a co-op?

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I use pacific islands map for fun co-op missions wit my son. Is it possible to impliment the r/r/r options simply for a co-op mission where I am hosting and my son is joining or are the r/r/r options only for the moving dogfight server ( i don't really understand what that is and I don't think i have it unless it's an option to impliment in UP3). I just would like us to be able to take off, attack some stuff, land and re-arm then take off again without having to re load the mission.
thanks for bearing with  my noobiness  with regards the mods!


I am not an expert on MDS by no means
but I do believe it is for Dog fight missions only
not for coops although I could be wrong

MDS = Moving Dogfight Server
Allowing ships,tanks,A.I. Aircraft ete to be involved in the mission to be included on dogfight servers

You and your son though,
should be able to load a dogfight mission rather than coop
and with MDS dogfight servers are in essence not much different now than coop servers

Then,if the mission was actually set up for RRR
you would be able to Refuel,rearm and repair

In the Full Mission Builder section of the game,
you can load a mission and then above click MDS
There you will be able to select somewhere in all the tabs "Friction"

Setting it for anything other than the default friction value,will enable RRR in the mission
click save to save the changes to the mission file

The game starts out with MDS friction set at default value
 and just needs to be changed to any other friction value to activate RRR

If you get comfortable with the FMB,
you could add A.I. Flights to attack or defend,
shipping,tanks,vehicles ete for targets or whatever

Although there are suitable MDS missions around that are available to download

Here is a good website to learn how to build or edit missions with the full mission builder>

hope this helps a bit anyway,
someone will come along that knows a lot more about MDS could explain better


I moved your thread to MDS mission section out of the FM/DM section
AJD-NZ is our resident expert on MDS Missions and I am sure could help you better than I ever could

Hi I'm back, thanks Boomer  8)

OK deskpilot here we go  :)

The main difference between a co-op mission & Zuti's MDS is the ability to refly, not just from a std Home Base, but also moving Home Bases(carriers) & Stand Alone Home Bases, that can be placed almost anywhere.
Plus many other features that are not available in co-op missions.

To enable R/R/R on any of the aforementioned Home Bases, open the mission in FMB, click on a base, then View & Objects.
Now click on the RRR tab & tick the "Override default RRR settings" box.
This is where you can set the time taken for each RRR operation.
If you damaged an enemy aircraft & it is destroyed after you refly, you will not get any points for it, whereas if you RRR, you will get points for it.  ;)
Under "Properties" you can set the field friction value for a "Home Base", the lower the friction value, is set, the smoother the ground will be, within the HB circle.

If you download the two missions(in 1 folder) I've posted here,4038.0.html.
You should be able to convert them to relflyable  co-ops in FMB, simply by adding some AI aircraft.

Zuti's excellent manual can be downloaded here,4451.0.html


Boomer...the major difference between coop and df is that the df maps can't replicate campaigns.We also can't  use DCG or SEOW...because of the log error.  We run coops on sat night...usually 4 sorties using dcg to generate each one. If we used DF we would have to do each mission manually and that is way to much time and effort. This is HUGE!

I don't think either Boomer or I are saying that Zuti's MDS replaces std co-op missions, the subject of this thread is "Repair Rearm Refuel in a co-op ?"
Where the simple answer to deskpilots question ("Is it possible to impliment the r/r/r options simply for a co-op mission where I am hosting and my son is joining or are the r/r/r options only for the moving dogfight server") is, yes it is possible to host MDS co-op missions & the refly option is the main difference between std co-ops & MDS :)
IMHO this is the main difference when hosting, because in a std co-op mission, if a player is killed, the player cannot refly ;)

Zuti's MDS doesn't make std co-op missions obsolete, because quite apart from the reasons you've mentioned, with many co-op missions having the players start at the same time is crucial.

You can still use std co-op missions, only now you have the option of creating reflyable co-op missions using MDS, where the players are co-operating with each other against AI aircraft, ships & armour etc.
Or DF missions with a mix of AI aircraft, ships & armour etc, as opposed to std DF missions, where it's only possible to have player against player, &/or static objects.



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