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~S~ UP 3 Staff and Every One!
Hope every one is fine and doing well.
I was wondering if you can give me a step by step in setting up a Dedicated Servering UP 3 RC3.
We tried once, however when a Mission Load with canonuk CCM is says can not be loaded or found.
I have also the Four Season CCM.  The Mission I made using cannonuk CCM in the MIS files reads CCM 1943.
So I hope you can please give me a step by step instruction on setting up the UP3 Server.
Thank You Very Much

Most problems with mission loading on a server are because you aren't telling it where the missions are!

Try starting your server then typing in the console window at the prompt

>mission LOAD xyz/CCM 1943.mis BEGIN

where xyz is the name of the folder under /Missions where you put your server missions

Thank You Gryphon for the reply.
However I guess what we are looking for is a step by step on setting up a
dedicated UP3 RC3 server. We used HSFX 4.11 last time. Now with all the great
things in Up 3 we want  the Dedicated Server as a UP3 Server.
So I am asking for is a more direct answer for setting up UP3 as a Dedicated Server.
Thank You all at UP for all the Hard work you are doing to bring a more compete Mod Pack
to the IL-2 community.


Go get your IL-2 4.09m dedicated Server pack here:

Apply Server Patches 4.10:
and 4.101:

Install the latest UP3 RC, first client version, then DF server files on top.

Voilá, you have your UP3 server.

Best regards - Mike

~S~ Storebror or others,
Thanks for the detailed instructions. I've been hosting WB Flights Ops for years now using FBDj. Trying to get UP3 RC4 running now and I installed all new server files using the old (original) dedicated server files from 2.04 up to 4.10.1. I installed UP3.0 + RC4 client + RC4 DFS file. My server starts and runs but will not change maps. I tried a different install of UP3 + first DFS patch + RC4 client then RC4 DFS, still no mission advance. I am now downloading and going to install the 409 server from MediaFire and attempt it again with those files.

Verify Please:
4.10 server patch
4.10.1 server patch
UP3.0 RC4 Client
UP3.0 RC4 DF server

Using FBDj 1.8b2 and I know Willie is working on an update but it sounds like lots have their server running now.
I believe everything else is good as I can connect via HL and fly the mission, just can't advance to next mission or run temp mission.

Thanks very much
WB FlashOver


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