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--- Quote from: WB_FlashOver on September 04, 2011, 06:23:49 PM ---
Verify Please:
4.10 server patch
4.10.1 server patch
UP3.0 RC4 Client
UP3.0 RC4 DF server

--- End quote ---

you mean first UP 3.0 and  UP3.0 RC DF server, after that ,UP3RC 2 and UP3.0 RC2 DF server, and ect ??

Hey Black Wolf,
From what I understand,  RC4 has all previous RC's in it so RC2 and RC3 need not be applied first. However, this is actually my question. Do I install original DFS patch first and then the RC4 then RC4 server? Or can I go streight to RC4 client then RC4 server?

Honestly do not know. I installed one by one, because it was not RC4 yet, and it works pretty well, but I think you should install UP3.0 RC DF server first, and after update to  UP 3.0 RC4 DF Server Patch

Ok, that is the way I did my latest server install. It loads up and runs the first mission. I attempt to run a temp mission from FBDj and in the server DOS window I get this;

Mission: FBDj/C nfw 1.mis is Playing
51>chat Mission Stopped by Admin TO ALL
52>chat Next Mission load in 5 Seconds TO ALL
53>mission END

and that is it. The next mission never loads and clients cannot connect to server anymore.

Still working on it.... but I'm sure it's something that I've missed and very simple

Do you set time in FBDj Mission Builder  ? :D Seriously, check Firewall settings for Fbdj, it looks like Fbdj don't work properly.  Your UP is fine, you may run mission with out Fbdj and check, but im sure is fine

server  check

IPS= internal IP

then in Fbdj IL2 server port must be 20003


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