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Hi guys :)
Because many people try to join our server, with no success, they may thinking that is UP bug or something :D but is not !! I will explain quickly what is going on  :thumb:

To join our server, you need download and install some mods, complete list is located here:

Now ! Out server is based on Ultra pack 3.0  RC 4 ! plus mods, support by Intel 2 quad CPU, so there is no lag! because in the air flying around 100 AI aircraft we can support  only 16 lag free slots for players,feel free to join!
You can find our server on hypper loby every weekend in afternoon hours
 We still have some problems to sort out, but we working hard :)

See you in the air :)

Edit !

If your squad need Team speak channel, send me PM i have some for free  :victory:

Server status Update:

To enter on our server, you must download Black wolf mod pack 1.5  :sign0025: part 1 part 2

More info

You are always welcome 


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