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Westfront (ETO) dgen campaign for 4.101 + UP 3.0 available



Westfront campaign was developed for UP 3.0 and DBW, you also need the B 26 V2.2 additional, available ats SAS:

The campaign contains the following parts:

Belgium 1939, Phoney war
Belgium 1940, Blitzkrieg
France 1940, Battle of france
France 1941: Circus (june 1941 till december 1941)
Channel front spring 1942: Butcher Bird
France autumn 1942: Fortresses ahead
Channel front January 1943: All quiet at the western front
Channel autumn 1943: War of attrition
France may 1944: Pre invasion phase
Normandy june 1944: DDay
Normandy july 1944: Breakout
Northern germany fall 1944: Throes of death
Ardennes: Operation Bodenplatte
Northern germany 1945: Defeat

The campaign is available for

Luftwaffe fighters, RAF and USAAF fighters, fighter bombers and bombers - some 2000 missions all together!

The bomber campaign will start 1941 and ends with the invasion cause the other maps are to small for bomber operations.

The RAF fighter bomber campaign will start also in june 1941, cause the RAF didn´t made use of fighter bombers before this stage of war in the ETO.

The USAAF campaigns are starting in 1942 of course.

I´ve also assembled a new giant skin pack of generics for the campaign, mostly done by myself, it adds a lot of immersion to the cmapaign.

Much more details about the campaign, the theaters, the flyable planes and the file pack of course available here:

Thank you so much Boelcke :party0038:

DL'ing it now :happy0064:

All year long having fun with your previous campaigns and sure this  will be a lot of fun too :cheers:


thx gprr hope you enjoy this huge pack of fun :)


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