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New Sino-Japanese Campaign: "Hawks over the Yangtze"


Prompted by the fact that talented IL-2-modders have now built so many of the aircraft needed to simulate the aerial fighting during the Sino-Japanese war (and a map!) I have made a new campaign: "HAWKS OVER THE YANGTZE, 1939":

The aircraft you get to fly is the Curtiss Hawk III (courtesy of Realdarko & Epervier), but you will also see the following aircraft in the air:

•   The Ki-10 Perry by Tedeschene
•   The Ford Trimotor by Reaper 3-1
•   The Ki-51 by Skipper
•   The P-26 Peashooter by Deutschmark

And the map used is of course "Hankow/Central China" by Agracier. And a large portion of the skins are made by Archie. Thanks all you guys for your skill, determination and effort!

You can download it HERE:

"Hawks over the Yangtze" is a semi-historical, 10-mission static campaign, set during the first half of 1938 in Central China. You take on the persona of Douglas S. Denman, an American mercenary pilot in the Kuomintang airforce, flying the Curtiss Hawk III. (In one mission you get to try on the P-26.)

The Curtiss BF2C-1 Goshawk was a US naval biplane that was produced in a special export version with a somewhat different wing configuration and a different engine and was then called the Curtiss Hawk III. It was sold to a number of foreign countries, not least China, where it served as multi-purpose aircraft when combat operations against the Imperial Japanese Army and Navy Air Forces began in earnest in August 1937. It was considered the Nationalist Chinese Air Force's frontline fighter-pursuit aircraft - along with their inventory of old Hawk IIs, Boeing P-26 Peashooters and Fiat CR.32’s. It was used against both the Imperial Japanese Army and Navy Air Forces and both ground and naval targets with considerable success through the end of 1937, before eventually being superseded by the better-armed and faster Polikarpov I-15 and I-16 fighters.

When the campaign starts it’s January 1938, and you have just arrived in China, drawn to the war by the prospect of adventure and good pay. Some six months have passed since the brutal Japanese invasion started, and the Chinese are hard pressed. Following the loss of their capital Nanking, the Chinese government under Chiang Kai-Chek has massed some 800,000 troops to defend their new military and political headquarters, Hankow.

Hankow is a large city (actually one of three adjacent to each other) by the Yangtze river, with some 1.2 million inhabitants.  It is the industrial heart of China, with the steel works at Hanyang accounting for most of China's production. Will the Japanese resume their attacks? In the air the war rages unabated.

Thanks for looking!  :drinks:


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