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Virus in UP 3.0


I have seen multiple posts about viruses here, i did look and all.
But i didnt see any conclusive answers, but i did see some worrying reports.

I downloaded this UP 3.0 pack and upon scanning it found 2 viruses already. Now im not installing anything that gets my AVG all alarmed.

What is it with this virus report?
I do want to install this UP 3.0 because, well, it looks bloody great.
But for now i aint installign anything.

False positive:,4620.0.html

I've been using UP3 RC4 for ages and have had no problems with my PC. A way to see if your PC has been corrupted by a virus is to check the activity in the network connection. XP (Classic view)= Start> Control panel> Network connections> (then double click on the connection that you are using)

Look at the activity area, the packets 'Sent' and 'Received' should not alter (however, they will be different numbers to each other). (Make sure your browser is not open and do this check.) If the figures are changing then another problem has access to your internet connection and you need to look for that program. Switch it off or delete it.

Once again, I use UP3 with RC4 and all works fine. Perhaps download it from another website or source.
Good Luck :dirol:


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