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(request) easy dogfight server


hey guys could someone create a server with only the following difficulty settings turned on?

takeoffs and landings
limited ammo
realistic pilot vulnerability

Hello mojo!

We have a server that might suit your needs, even if it does not meet all your requests:

Server Address:

This is a German 24/7 dedi server (I don't know where you are located, just give it a try maybe). It is currently not in the Hyperlobby.
We focus on Beginners and fly purely for fun (which does not exclude serious flying!).
Best time for flying would probably be German evening hours (UTC+01:00).

As I said, not all you requests are met:
Map Icons*, Outside views and speed bar are available.
But don't be afraid of "complex" engine management or stalls & flutters!

*Limited to your own plane on minimap. Others planes may be visible if the mission includes radar.

Cheers!  :neo:


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