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Hello ladies and gents.

I'm here representing the Ghost Skies virtual war community.  We are located at .

Please feel free to drop in, look over our war, and sign up as a pilot and also to the forums!  We could use both Axis and Allied pilots/squads.

We have been a long running community for over 2 years now, starting with UP2.1 and now using UP3.0 RC4.  We will continue to support the use of UP and their mods for as long as they are around as UP offers the best options for us.  We also have one of the most in depth campaign systems out there, with a command structure on each side as well as individual objectives by the players.

We currently utilize as much as we can from the Zuti MDS functions, including the R/R/R feature. 

The server is considered a DF server, not a Coop server.

We run missions on Sunday, Tuesday's, and Friday's from 9:30pm EST till around 11:45pm EST for total mission time from start to finish.

We could always use more pilots.

Please feel free to contact myself or any other pilots in the community for ghost skies for more details.

I would also like to add we get anywhere from 70 to 90 pilots per mission.

We hope to see you there!!!

Axis Commanding Officer


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