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Joiming AI Crew issues in DF


I am still trying to get to the bottom of the problems I am having with joining AI Aircraft in a DF map I created. On first rty I thought it worked well. I was in a Ju88A I could tab around several positions and switch to external view then back into cockpit. I ejected to try another aircraft. Back ay the crew selecvtion screen my name was still against the aircraft That I  was in before. I could not select another. When I pressed refresh it made no difference. I restarted the game and used a B-17D that had only a bombadier seat and could not access any other posititions. I switched to externaal and got a pc lock up and had to restart the pc. There may be several issues here but when I dis-able the allow joining AI crew all was well with no screen lock ups.

Any suggestions would be welcome.


OK a bit more on this I tested a bit more. It seems the problem hits me if I try to join an AI crew a second time in a row. If I alternate between joing an AI vrew then reflying as a DF pilot I can later join an AI crew with no problems. I tested this with several aircraft on the same map and swapped betwenn red and blue. But as soon as I tried to rejoiun an AI crew consecutively then I got the lock up with crew change or going from external view back to the crew position.

My guess is that the game gets confused where you are and when you repeat joining the AI crew it thinks you are in atne first AI plane so locks up whebn you try to swap seats. I'll test if destroying the 1st AI a/c clears the decks and lest you rejoin


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