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Ghost Skies Intermission Bomber Mission Night on Friday June 1st!!!!


Ghost Skies is going to host it's very first ever bomber night on June 1st, Friday.  This is a direct Copy Paste from a thread at the Ghost Skies forum.

--- Quote ---While we get the next phase ready for testing, we will have some intermission missions. 1, possibly 2, maybe even three, but whatever the number, we are going to start testing for the next phase as soon as testing is started, but we will, at a minimum, have 1 mission that is considered a 'fun' intermission mission. (Sounds redundant, doesn't it? lol)

This mission will be a heavy bomber mission. I am currently designing it, and it's mission is rather simple, yet fun. It will be a heavy strike on a German industrial facility involving B-17G's and escorting P-51D-25's, P-47D-27's, and P-38L-Late's (Or if there is a better one, let me know). The Germans are stacked with defensive aircraft that include the 109G-10ERLA, 109G-10C3, the 190K-4C3, the FW190A-9, the FW190D-9, the FTa-152H-1, and the ME262A-2. Aircraft are limited (except for the Bombers, pretty much unlimited). There are enough loadout options that differ from one german aircraft to the other to provide different incentive to take each aircraft type.

The B-17's will have all loadout options available.
The American fighters will only have Default and Droptank options available, except the P-47 will have limited bomb and rocket options available in the event they wish to hunt for the enemy hidden objective.

- There will be a hidden objective for the allies (It's for you guys to find out  ).
- There will be a RRR base available only for the German Aircraft which will be hidden from the allies (Allied aircraft are capable of running full mission at 100% fuel and droptanks). If you wish to remove the RRR functionality from the Germans, you will have to find it and remove that capability from that airfield. This is a full RRR base, and the only thing it cannot repair is holes in the fuselage/wings.
- There will be limited Radar Functionality, with a 180 second cycle within 50KM of any active German base (this includes the RRR base). There is no way to bomb this out, as that is not an option I've been able to find as available.
- There are going to be Wind settings. The wind will be set a 5m/s, so that means at the highest setting will be 22m/s at 10KM altitude. If you wish to bomb from that high, learn to adjust for wind, as wind does carry bombs. Wind gets less as you get lower. It's your choice. Wind Correction Angle for flight will be required at higher altitudes, not so much at lower.
- Flak will be heavy at the Allied target location. I've currently got about 40 88mm guns, and 22 smaller 37mm guns around the Allied bombing objective. I may reduce this, but it's supposed to be a very flak heavy location.
- As well, when bombing, you must be careful not to destroy civilian targets next to the industrial complex. Too much damage will cause the Allies to fail their objective and give an automatic win to the Germans.
- Allied target will be presented just before the mission.
- The German side will win if they shoot down more than x number of aircraft (haven't decided number yet) that will signify any gain the Allies made was outweighed by the loss of machine and manpower.
- Allied aircraft will be taking off from two bases in England, fighters at Bradwell Bay, and Bombers at Boxted.
- Axis aircraft will use Eindhoven for 109's and Essen-Mulheim (Duisberg) for 190's and 262's.
- Each Axis airfield will have AAA covering it, and it will be heavy and deadly.
- We will not be using a modpack for this, just UP3.0 RC4

These are the numbers of aircraft available:

B-17: 100 (MUST TAKE 100% Fuel)
P-51: 24
P-47: 24
P-38: 24

109G-10ERLA: 24
109G-10C3: 12
109K-4C3: 12
FW190A-9: 32
FW190D-9: 18
TA152H-1: 12
ME262A-2: 24

This is meant to be fun and challenging, and I do hope everyone shows up for it. If you have any questions please feel free to ask. Winning team gets bragging rights and a cookie.
--- End quote ---

This mission will be open to any and all pilots who wish to join us.  Mission details and target will be available in the mission.  We will be hosting the mission through hyperlobby, and it will be a public game.  Regular Ghost Skies Pilots will get priority over all other pilots, but we should still have plenty of room.  Of our own pilots we are expecting a minimum of 50+ pilots for the mission.  The server has the capability to host up to 100 players. 

UP3.0 RC4 will be required, and no other mods, and there will be a CRT check. 

This is a mission we are throwing up in between our phases to have some fun and get the rest of the community to look at Ghost Skies.  We hope to see everyone there!!! 

Teamspeak info will be available in the server info on Ghost Skies.  As well, we typically run missions starting at 9:30PM EST.  This will likely still be the standard time, and typically will go on for about 2 hours.

This is the Target Area.  Duisberg.

In game mission briefing will have more details.  This is the recon photo.


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