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Zero skin problems


Hi, love UP 3, but the Zero's have a skni problem. The default skin is fine, infact a real cracker of a skin, but if you try to put another skin from the alternatie skins folder, it is misplaced all over the plane. Is there a fix for this?


Up 3.0 uses the JapanCat zero models. You'll need the skins compatable with that.

Look here:,23750.0.html

Hi, problem solved, downloaded a bunch from the site you posted the link too. Really good, I mean some of the best looking skins I've come across and the default was cracker, noticed it right away. Congrats on the Pack, the only problem is there is so much there that wileing time away, putting in mods is a bit redundant. (Actually there is a lot of SCW stuff turned to work on)



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