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Here we will post examples and missions using |ZUTI|'s MDS mod.

Your contribution is very importand!


ohhh nice thread... I'll post my map here when it's ready: I'm making a what-if mission where the Axis is still fighting hard in Italy in 45: Sicily, Sardinia and a good part of southern Italy have been successfully invaded by American and British combined forces but northern and central Italy, plus parts of the south, are still being held by Germans and Italians... except that (and this is historical) Mussolini fled to the north and created the German puppet state "Italian Social Republic", while the new government of the Kingdom of Italy switched sides under the leadership of the the traitor Badoglio... end of the historical part.

The what-if part is the Germany (and Mussolini's republic by extension) hasnt run out of resources yet and keeps on fighting well into the summer of '45, successfully holding the Gothic line and even pushing a good bit down south (this particular detail is needed for technical map-making reasons: with the front too far up north, the action would be limited to one corner of the map)

When the new MDS with the ability to set the max number of players allowed to spawn at each base comes out, I'll add a limited number of jets per side. But right now it's late-war props only, because if unlimited jets are available everyone would pick those, turning the map into something completely different from what I had in mind. With limited pilots per base, I could add say 3 jets per side (a special jets-only base per side, with limited spawn slots) But it;s gonna be a fun map even without jets, and it's gonna use a lot of new slot planes...
The Italy vs. Italy thing is interesting (and historical, to a degree)
so, im working on it a little bit at a time as I have other things to do ... (2 weeks, be sure)

I've been posting MovingDogfight missions on AAA, since posting the first on the 18-2-2009, to promote this MOD, because I believe it is by far the most important thing to happen to IL-2.
During the 9months that I've been posting these missions on AAA, the MDS MOD has not taken off & I believe it is because this very important mod has been suppressed by certain members of AAA.

So I'm posting all the missions on this site, in order to maybe inspire or encourage other people to build & post MDS missions here.
Please bear in mind that Zuti's MDS mod, has progressed from the basic original, that did not have AI fighters attacking when I posted the first mission(AJD-NZ_1940).
These missions should work OK with UP 1.8, but for instance you might not be able to record "ntrk's".
Download the missions here -

I am currently reworking the "Sealion" missions using UP 1.8 (which IMHO is far superior to anything AAA has produced), I'll start posting them here in a week or two  :D


Downloaded. they will be included... you know where :P in a special MDS Folder (if I gather many of those, I may even have several MDS missions folders, divided per time, or theater, or both, or whatever)

I'm thinking about a 'compatible MDS' folder with missions that would work on both 0.8 and 1.0 and an MDS1.0 folder with missions that would only work on 1.0 and above (btw I eonder when the "above" will be ready, I could surely use those limited slots...)

And yes, I agree with MDS being a very important feature for IL-2, pumps a lot of new life in it.
As for UP being superior... well no question about that. There's not even a real competition as long as UI sticks with obsolete game versions, but 1.2.5 will be very popular anyway, as lots of poor suckers dont know any better, so building MDS missions on MDS1.0 and mark them Ultr@pack required would probably encourage people to at least try UP on a second installation of Il2, and once they try it, they'll be hooked right away. Thats how you do "unification": offer a far superior product and you get "de facto unification". It may take a while but it will happen eventually. Resistance is futile. Or, like, whatever.


mission for Ultrapack 1.8 MDS 1.0 and the Cat_Midway map...includes Infantry and R/R/R available


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