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Congratulations Fred on being the first to post a mission for UltraPack 1.8.
Also a nice mission, nice map & plenty of action  :D

Good on ya neuro, by the way, for the "Sealion_update" mission, I added radar :)

For those of you who are not familiar with the "Full Mission Builder", this is not only where you can build missions, but also where you can customize the mission to suit yourself  ;)


Lybia map mission

Fly hurri D's with A/T cannons...or Hornisse with 37mm...against a large tank battle

updated with slightly newer version 18/11/09 ... added a radar and changed R/R/R settings

(Australia's Pearl Harbor)

1 hour MDS mission for 6+ pilots, refuel rearm activated.
RAAF & USAF P40's v's IJN & IJA Val's, Kates, Zero's & Betty's

Pearl Harbor :loveit:

For tc_hawaain-islands map... HUGE!!!! (not for slow computers)


--- Quote from: fabianfred on November 21, 2009, 11:32:29 AM ---Pearl Harbor :loveit:

For Cat_Hawaii map... HUGE!!!! (not for slow computers)

--- End quote ---

I've DL'd the Hawaii map & objects (I think I have the right ones). Now can someone tell me how to install them under UP1.8.


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