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Australia 42

*2 Coop missions for 4-10 players.Il2 1946 UP3.0 RC4: Zuti MDS on RRR on. Just try. Duration - cca 2x60 min...
**Unpack to: il2xxxxx/Missions/Net/dogfight/...

Cool,Thx  ;)


Here are two missions that I put together.  They're on M4T, but for those who don't have an account, here there are:
Bombs Away!:
A mission for bomber training.  There are many targets and many different bombers.  I put some fighters here just for the fun of it.
Resource Management:
A mission that uses ZUTI's resource management with little resources at the bases and transport aircraft that can help out.  There are also incoming trucks which can give the base many resources, but if they are destroyed, the resources will eventually run out and that team will lose.

Thanks for taking interest!  :beach:

^Thanks for the missions guys.



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