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Hello guys! :)

I made the following versions of Dog Fight Server executable. They can utilize more memory and boost server's performance, especially when ZUTI's MDS is used. The original memory max limit was 256MB.
The 1 GB version is recommended for DF Servers with 1.5GB of memory and higher.
The 1.2 GB version of executable is recommended for DF servers having 2 GBs or more memory.

Please test them and post your feedback. Don't forget to backup your il2fb.exe and il2server.exe before you replace them.


1 GB Version:     

The Previous 1.5GB & 1.25GB versions were unstable, so they have been removed. The 1.2GB and 1 GB version are the only stable ones right now

I get an Timeout error when uploading it (CRT=0)

What do you mean ? Try also the 1GB version.

UKDed3_MDF,, is using the 1gb version, the server boots quickly and the missions load more quickly than before. We are suffering very few lags less than with UI1.2 and i`d even say less than the vanilla 4.09m. Thx hades. CRT is 0 btw.

Good to know m8! :thumb:

I am so glad that the 1GB exe versions increased performance! Especially when you say that the Modded UP with these executables performs even better than the "vanilla" 4.09m ! And with ZUTI' MDS enabled! On-line gaming was and it still is our first priority.

And in the patch next week the UP servers will be even more secure than the Vanilla ones, ;)


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