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Thank Hades, I'm using 1GB version and solved all the problems of crashes and LAG on my server. But it does not support a larger number of AIs in the missions. I hope to correct the 1.5GB version, so I can test it.

Windows 7 x64 + 2G ram.
only zuti enabled.

Server in HL "JAGER WAR"

I made a 1.25 GB executable.
Could you please try these and report back? Its 5 times more the amount of max memory that the vanilla DF Server uses.

1.25 GB Excutables

 :thumb: I will test it with the map of Korea, where the performance falls far on my server, perhaps to get to be a large map.

I report the results soon. Thanks again  ;)

This one seems to work fine for our Linux server ;D

1GB version seems to work fine on our server. Out of curiosity, is there any plan to create an a client-side version somewhere down the line? Could be useful in solving some of the crashes that occur when in FMB on a very large map with lots of objects and flights.


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