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looks better and better

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Hi modding Folks,
i would like to thx all the modders all over this place, for their good work!
I run both versions on my crate( HSFX4.0 & UP 1.8 full).
Because of longer loading times, I figured to put it in the UP 1.8 full-version.
I installed the 1GB version and back-ed-up my orginal il.exe and nothing happens! I mean, it doesn´t start at all!
What did I wrong?:bash:

When I put my orginal il.exe in, everything is fine.

The exe is the il2fb.exe and it is intended for use with the Dog Fight server. Do you have a dog fight server or you try to use it in your "client" game ?

Hello Hades,
thx 4 quick answering.
I´m sorry, I ment il2fb.exe.
And when u wrote "client" game, u ment offline? Then the answer is yes!
till later

I mean it is only for use with Dog fight version and not the regular one ;)

So you cannot use it, :)


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