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UP ( current version) Installation Instructions - Download Links
Submitted By: StG77_HaDeS Date: April 30, 2012, 09:05:34 AM Views: 27387
Summary: UP ( current version) Installation Instructions - Download Links

    Availability of Ultr@Pack (UP) 3.0 RC4 has been announced.

UP 3.0 RC4 Contents

MDS 1.2 Manual

MDS 1.2 mission building tips & tutorials

Please read before installation.

Note: you will need around 13GB of drive space to perform the installation.

  • 6.2GB for the download of UP 3.0RC
  • 6.2GB for the Installation of UP 3.0RC

Note that the following procedure assumes you are starting at the 4.10.1m. If you have a version earlier than 4.10.1m you need to locate and apply the patches to bring you to the 4.10.1m level before proceeding.

The installation process is as follows:

  • Install a version of your game patched to version 4.10.1m.
  • Note that if you have a version lower than 4.10m you can not jump right to 4.10.1m. You must install the 4.10m patch before the 4.10.1m patch.
  • Optional: make a backup of your "clean" 4.10.1m installation. Details on how to backup your game can be found at the bottom of this page.

Download and install Ultr@Pack version 3.0 RC4

The full installer can be obtained from the following link as a torrent download (highly recommended)

Ultr@Pack 3.0RC4 Full Torrent

If you don't already have a bit torrent client we recommend uTorrent - download uTorrent. After installing a bit torrent client simply download and open the UP_3.0-RC.torrent file (in the above link).

Don't stop your torrent as soon as download is completed ... leave it running for a day or two to help others get their version of UP 3 faster.

Once the torrent download is complete open the folder that the Ultr@Pack 3.0 RC4 install files where store in (in uTorrent this is done by right clicking on the UP30RC entry and select the "Open Containing Folder" menu option). Double click on UP_3.0RC_Client.part01.exe to start the installation process. Use the Change button (in the Choose Destination Location dialog box) to select your IL-2 game folder and continue with the installation.

Static links:

  • Mirror 1:

  • Mirror 2:

  • Mirror 3:

  • To install the Dog Fight Version of UP 3.0 RC4 you will need to install the client first and then to install the DF Server installer (UP_3.0_DFServer.exe).

   Check installation files manually

    MD5 sums

    b71565e7045d7c1bdcc99852bdb8102f *#UP#SampleFolder.rar
    6adca1acb3c4bf1d16cb23a4df836f2c *UP_3.0_DFServer.exe
    d0f6035fd6e000e57a53567820dd5f50 *UP_3.0RC_Client.part01.exe
    8034c8f63e02265de77afc6e02e45c21 *UP_3.0RC_Client.part02.rar
    d77d7c7bc8dd29bd25e3d40a0b449aa2 *UP_3.0RC_Client.part03.rar
    62cfac096e0e0c5f744b42224a374fbc *UP_3.0RC_Client.part04.rar
    4977970dc7f470a6f8a65fe8923938f9 *UP_3.0RC_Client.part05.rar
    ce49c25942938d5a37d77ff79034a0d8 *UP_3.0RC_Client.part06.rar
    410b49b2806a4401f87c7353b82dca1c *UP_3.0RC_Client.part07.rar
    2d54e23051ec7044cc46d02b9feb3598 *UP_3.0RC_Client.part08.rar
    b8871b151637a6327bffa559907b6467 *UP_3.0RC_Client.part09.rar
    5ccbb3e08069363420a9a8e4207a79ce *UP_3.0RC_Client.part10.rar
    0b6388d79eb7bfb41e5bf90b818df7ee *UP_3.0RC_Client.part11.rar
    b4a66b12f4a3eb5a92ccac5689d92c63 *UP_3.0RC_Client.part12.rar
    39eb9ae5276382ad3cc5430d0ca75afb *UP_3.0RC_Client.part13.rar
    be4ba83088cd99d8fb0c8b18ca9d9f77 *UP_3.0RC_Client.part14.rar

    Download all sixteen files into the same folder. Once the download is complete run UP_3.0RC_Client.part01.exe to start the installation process. Use the Change button (in the Choose Destination Location dialog box) to select your IL-2 game folder and continue with the installation.

    I strongly suggest you use the torrent download since it has a far lower possibility of error in the download. It also has a far better stop and resume ability. If you don't already have a torrent client give uTorrent a try (uTorrent Web Site)

    If you have a Direct 2 Drive (downloaded) version of IL-2 you will need to install the SAS D2D Patch. Available at SAS D2D Patch

Note: Unlike earlier releases which contained both client and server installers this release is only for the game client. Installation of Ultr@Pack 3.0RC on a server consists of installing the client files (as detailed above) followed by running the server setup/configuration program (UP_3.0_DFServer.exe). The server setup/configuration program is available in the torrent download also.

Additional information

    Information on Updating and Restoring your game via UltraPack Update and Restore can be found here UP Update and Restore

    The following procedure details the steps to create a backup copy of your IL-2 FB game installation. Having a backup copy will save you time in the future if your working version of IL-2 gets corrupted.
  • Select My Computer from the Start menu.
  • Open your C drive.
  • If the contents of the drive are not displayed select the show files link in the dialog.
  • Open the Program Files folder. (or Program Files (x86) on 64-bit Vista).
  • If the contents of this folder are not displayed select the Show the contents of this folder link.
  • Open the Ubisoft folder.
  • Select (single click, not double click, don’t open) the IL-2 Sturmovik 1946 folder.
  • Select Copy from the Edit menu.
  • Select Paste from the Edit menu.

    At this point you should have a folder called "Copy of IL-2 Sturmovik 1946" which contains a backup copy of your IL-2 Game files.

    The UP 3.0 RC4 uses an advanced Il2 selector made by Storebror. When you first click on the il2fb.exe a pop-up comes and you can change you memory settings, enable TrackIR or not, and other advanced options.

Step 1

    You Should Choose UP 3.0 and then Save your settings. Then you can launch the game

Step 2

    The DF server admins have similar options but they have to use the il2server.ini that exist in their Il2 DF server root.

Activating the UP 3.0 RC4

When UP 3.0 RC4 is installed it places a JSGME(IL2-UP) shortcut on your desktop. Double-click on it and you will be able to Activate UP 3.0RC from the menu from right to left.

Step 3

Enabling other Add-ons in UP 3.0 RC4

To enable other Addons in UP 3.0 RC4 in both Clients and DF server you need to create a folder in your IL2 root called #UP# This folder works in the same way like the "old" "MODS" folder. That means you must respect its file-structure. In the UP 3.0 RC download there is a Sample #UP# folder. You can unrar it to your IL2 directory and start adding your addons. Be Careful for crt=2 though since if Server has different addons (or not at all) from Client the a crt=2 timeout error will occur.

Having multiple IL2 "mod" Installations in One Il2 Installation

Yes you read right. UP can be installed in EVERY Il2 "modded" or "unmodded" installation that has been properly patched up to 4.10.1m patch. UP will NOT Interfere with other "modded" or not IL2 installations.

Recommended Addons for UP

UP 3.0 Rc was designed to utilize the SAS FBDSM Skin Mod. Pay attention to Install the appropriate Skin addons for UP as in UP 3.0 RC the Zeros and the Mig-3 cannot use the "old" stock skins anymore.

UP 3 has "placeholders" for them that will overwrite yours. So back them up (or make sure you still have the original downloads of them), then install UP3, then drop archives 1 to 5 back in.

Archive 6 is for stock Zeros only, so if you have it, dont put it into your UP/SAS install. Info HERE

So, what the RC4 version is missing from the Full version?

First of all it misses extensive debugging and feedback from the whole community. Lutz's Ai triggers will be debugged and perhaps the  visibility through clouds and Dynamic weather will be part of the Full version. Moreover some minor tweaks in the files.sfs and filesserver.sfs archives that do not play crucial role though. But since we are perfectionists we prefer to prefect this area also. Also ZUTI's MDS 1.2 Full will get updated to more stable version. The Plutonium effects will be merged in the final. And last but Not least, the final Release will have updated and reworked Flight Models by Kwiatek and the rest of the guys. The content was simply overwhelming and did not allow us to update the flight Models. But soon we will do ;)

So, what what will be the size of the UP 3.0 Full?

Expect it to be between 160 and 200 Mbs for the client version and between 80 and 120 Mbs for the DF server version.

Some Notes on the UP 3.0 RC4

In UP 3.0RC4 we decided to adopt New and better 3d models for the Zeros made by JapanCat and for the Mig-3 made by the artists at Avia Skins. Thus Old Skins for the Zeros will not function at all and the same for Mig-3U although in lesser degree. For this reaso installing the SAS FBDSM Skin mod is Highly Recomended. The are placeholders in UP for this very reason and you will be crt=2 compatible also. Pay attention to install the SFS archives of the FBDSM skinmod that are for UP 3.0 Rc. Moreover in UP 3.0RC we consolidated the aircraft slots and merged them with the new and better ones in terms of 3D and loadouts so you won't have 2 almost identical planes because the one of them has better 3d and more loadout options. In UP 3.0 we tried to be as much Historical Correct as we could, taking into consideration the fact that this is a Simulator, a Game and as such it cannot seriously compared with the reality. We can only approach it by a very tiny margin and i think we managed to achieve this.

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