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UP 3.0 RC4 Client Patch
Submitted By: StG77_HaDeS Date: April 30, 2012, 01:08:14 PM Views: 21464
Summary: This is the UP 3.0 RC4 Patch.

UP 3.0 RC4 Patch has been released to public.

It is Strongly Recommended that you install UP 3.0RC4 upgrade to your UP 3.0RC/2/3 installation.

This patch is Cumulative and it contains All the previous 2, the RC2 and RC3.

It fixes many critical issues. A detailed list of the fixes will be follow.

UP 3.0RC4 Download

Mirror 1

Mirror 2

Mirror 3

This Update contains ONLY the DEFAULT version of the UP 3.0RC that now contains the Hakenkreuz. The Wide-screen support and the other versions will be available ONLY in Final Version.
In JSGME Enable the #UP#_Enable_UP3.0. On mouse-over the JSGME selection you'll notice the RC4 version of the game.

List of Bug-Fixes:
- Updates the MDs 1.2 to a much more stable version. Now the blue do not get spawned in red bases by crashing their plane close to homebase.
- Now all countries can be saved in missions and be usable in MDS also. Java work by HaDeS and Cirx for the hint.
- The loadouts of the B-17G and B-24 have been updated and contain more options by HaDeS
- The H8K was given the historic Type 91 and Type 91 Late torpedoes that replaced the wrongly 45-12 early Soviet one, implementation by HaDes after Faust's suggestion.
- 7 aerial torpedoes have been updated and fixed, most notably their range and in some cases the speed and warhead.

Fiume (range, speed, warhead)
Mk13 (range, speed)
Mk13Late (range, speed)
Mk34 (Neptune) (range, speed)
Type91 (range, speed)
Type91Late (range, speed, warhead)
45-12 type Soviet aerial torpedo. (range, speed)

 Most notably the Type 91 and 91 Late were given the historic 41 knots speed as opposed to the wrong stock 34 knots. Moreover the Type 91 Late now carries a more destructive warhead, in Stock game there was not distinction in the warheads but only to droping parameters. Implementation by HaDes
The Type 91 has ~181 kgs of explosive while the Type 91 Late resembles the Mod 4 with 308kgs of HE.

- New British MK13 torpedo has been created for the Beaufighter with historic performance after a suggestion by Wimbly (with the necessary documentation).
Max torpedo launching parameters are:
Height: ~280 meters above water.
Speed: ~390km/h
Implementation by HaDeS
All torpedo data gathered from here:

- Many reticles and PoVs have been fixed by Cirx.
- Fixes the small reticle in Spits XVic and later models by Cirx.
- Cy6's latest control addon has been added.
- 3d fixes for Yak-9, Yak-9U, Yak-7UTI by GOZR.
- For the first time the locale= parameter in conf.ini works as intended. If you set locale=US you'll have the campaigns and everything in English. That means that you have to make a mission brieffing file without the "_ru" prefix for the US locale also. Other locales are fr, pl, etc.. But of course they need to translate some menus to function 100%. If the locale= parameter is not set, the game will try to find the correct locale from window's settings. This new feature is made by SAS~Storebror, :good:
- Now the DF Server contain new executables and new code that in case its memory is going to get depleted it can restart automatically. This feature also by SAS~Storebror.
- Fixes the loadouts in Ki-44 by HaDeS.
- The Ohka now is flyable and with new 3d model by Magpie with many updates/cockpit update by Cirx. New Java class with correct characteristics of Ohka's warhead by cirx. Corrected LoDs by Birdman.
- Many LODs fixes and updates by Birdman, :hi:
- Restores the stationary Swordfish, nice spot AJD-NZ, :hi:
- Fixes the "War Emergency Power" display for German planes like Bf-109s, FW-190s, Do-217s, etc... by HaDeS
- The Crusader AAA now fires at enemy planes.
- Fixes the Ti colored flares.
- The old mission loadouts for Bf-109s should work now.
- Adds the new Beta map that means to replace the ItalyAfricaGreece map in the future and its named War Over Italy by SoV.Volperossa and RedFox.
(The ItalyAfricaGreece is Still available).

I think the Late Mk13 torpedo cannot be used in early stages of the war, in a map with early mission year. Try a later one and see if it is ok.
The installer will automatically deactivate any activated addons in JSGME prior installation. But in any case its better you to deactivate any activated addons first.

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